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How to fail at baking and Economics.

Virtual Advent Calendar

It’s days like these that I am so glad I went to therapy back in the day.

Though I am not always perfect at distinguishing between the two,

I am still far ahead from where I used to be

in regards to finding my worth not in what I do but who I am.

Had I not paid thousands of dollars to cry on a couch,

I think yesterday would have broken me.

Let us sing “The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies” song

before I go into my day:

So my final began at 8:00am

but because my professor thought it would be “fun” to:

1). Be late for the first 10 minutes of class.

2). Chat for 15 minutes on top of him being late.

3). Hand us an Exit Exam. You know, a test before a test sort of deal.

Um, excuse me???

I have never in my previous college experience ever had that before.

4). Spend another 30 minutes going over said Exit Exam.

5). Call on me for all of the answers.

Which, of course, I didn’t really know the answers because I was so pissed off at how

he was wasting my time that I couldn’t even focus.

Did he not see the wrist brace???

Drawing and labeling graphs was not an easy task for me with that thing on.

This 71 question + 8 graph test was going to take forever for me.

And now you have wasted an hour and 15 minutes that I could’ve used towards the final??!!

Now I’m angry.

So I know I did poorly on the final.

It just wasn’t pretty.

It’s not a topic that comes naturally to me,

in fact, my entire major (Accounting) is not something that comes naturally to me.

I have spent the past year in an Accounting firm

and I listen to the thought process of each person there and all I think is:

I am so different from these people.

I think abstractly.

They are logical and linear.

I am not going to be a good accountant at all…

So I come home to make another batch of homemade cookies:

A vegetarian’s version of mincemeat.

…And I completely failed in my mission.

These are not only not pretty but they didn’t taste good either.

Please note that the problem was in my execution, not the recipe!!

I thought I’d take a short cut but instead all I got was a major flop.

I’m getting too cocky for my own good.


(((Go to Brooke’s blog for the recipe and the real way to make these cookies!

For GF and vegan, sub an all purpose GF flour mix + 1 tsp xanthan gum,

use Earth Balance instead of butter, and use 1 Tb blended tofu as the egg replacer)))

Thank God for quotes like:

I am enough.

I have enough.

I do enough.

If I didn’t believe that, I would be in some serious doo-doo today..