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10 Kid (and Allergy Friendly) Thanksgiving Ideas

Looking to create some fun food for your kids this Thanksgiving but are having a hard time getting ideas since they are gluten, egg, and/or dairy-free? Look no further! Here are 10 of my favorite Kid-Friendly foods that will inspire you this Thanksgiving.



Corn on the Cob Bread

Turn your ordinary cornbread into these fun corn on the cob-shapes. Getting your kids to eat their yellow vegetable friend never seemed so easy.



Chocolate-Covered Acorns

These adorable and easy-to-make acorns are a sure way to oooohh and aaaahhh your kids as a simple cookie and almonds turns into a festive chocolate-covered acorn. Wait until you taste one too!




Ice Cream Cone Cornucopias

These beautifully filled cornucopias are great way to serve up the freshest berries with a dollop of vegan whipped cream. Might I suggest using my Macadami Nut Whipped Cream–it makes the best complement for these bad boys.



Pilgrim and Indian Sandwiches

A sure way to make your kids’ lunch a fun, festive Thanksgiving-themed meal! Turn your sandwiches into these adorable Pilgrim and Indian faces.




Turkey Kebabs

What do you do when you have a fridge full of uneaten fruit? Make turkey on-a-stick, that’s what! It’s a guaranteed creative way to watch your child get more fruit into their diet.



Mayflower Bites

A fun way to educate and celebrate the history of this nation–give these Mayflower Bites a try.




Turkey Quesadillas

Transform your kids’ lunch into this oh-so-cute turkey on a plate. So adorable, they just might end up staring at it instead of eating it…





Turkey CheezBall

Not only will your kids love making this turkey ball, it will be a sure hit amongst your holiday guests!




Turkey-Shaped Cookies

Take pre-made cookies and sandwich them between some nut butter. Easy, simple, and a great way to get your kids involved in decorating their very own turkey.



Chocolate Tee-Pees

The perfect (and tastiest) craft project to work on with your kids. Make it into a contest to see who can decorate theirs the best…