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Giggle with GiGi {and kale}

GiGi, blogger behind the all-too-entertaining Vegan Ville, is one of the funnest bloggers out there. She is quirky, full of spunk, with a tremendous heart for veganism. When I met her blog, it was instant love–I immediately understood, appreciated, and adored her off-the-wall humor. This post is definitely the perfect spotlight of what I am talking about! {still giggling over it} GiGi even has an online bakery that you will definitely want to check out and buy lots of sweets from!

Thank you for inviting me over to your blog, Cara. I happily stumbled upon Cara and F&B way back in the fall of 2011. “This candymaker kid is genius,I said  to myself! I hope another Mofoer discovers her nifty blog besides me”. I think Cara had 32 followers then and I had 400. Our number of followers have since reversed. I lost some readers when I took a little forced vacation “time” from my blog, and I couldn’t write because I wasn’t  allowed any sharp pencils there in the pokey. While I was gone and sharpening other skills, Cara even made the PPK top 100. This was no easy task. Cara was competing with soaked cashew, speculoos and tofu ex-press. So, well deserved Kudos, Cara!

Anyway, the pokey was no cakewalk, believe you me. After my release I decided to take some much needed R&R at a vegan spa. I got a Groupon good for two passes, so I decided to ask another winner of the PPK 100 to come with me. I think she over packed.

Kale and I started with a massage. The oil really softened Kale up, you know how massaged Kale can be. 
GiGi: Mind if I call you, Kalie?
Kalie: That’s fine, Geegers.
GiGi: Let’s go take a snooze.
Kalie: I’m with ya girl friend!

 GiGi: Wow those were the best zzzs I’ve had in ages,Kalie.
Kalie: I bet. Do they have white noise in the can, Geeger?
GiGi and Kalie: bahahahahahaha.
Kalie: Hey let’s go sit by the pool and get a facial.
GiGi: Rad!

 GiGi: I think we should go in, you look a little dehydrated, you don’t want to turn into a chip!  

Kalie: I could really go for a salad.
GiGi: No offense, Kale but you are a salad. Hey guess what I got? I made us some dessert. I call it avocado radium tarte.
GiGi and Kalie: Bahahahaha.
Kalie: Can I have the recipe?
GiGi: I’ll send it to you as soon as I get home. 

One Week Later:
Dear Kalie-
I had a blast, I can totally see how you made the PPK top 100!
Here is the recipe. I made some of the recipe up but I swiped a lot of it from another blog so here is their linkie:
I only told you that cause you are my bff. Don’t tell my parole officer.
PS I used 22 dates instead of what they used
I used 1/4 C more agave (wasn’t sweet enough)
and another T of lime juice (wasn’t limey enough)
PSS let’s get mani-pedis soon.
I just got this color, but I don’t think it’s right for you. Nobody does matchy matchy anymore 🙂 

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  1. *of

    April 29, 2012
  2. Lol love it. Love both if your blogs xx

    April 29, 2012
  3. Haha! Thank you, my friend! I wanna come visit. Mind if I call you Susmithy?

    February 28, 2012
  4. OMG hahahahahahaha. Gi, you have outdone yourself this time. Maybe you and Kalie should visit me here in India. I wanna get mani-pedis too!!

    Great feature, F&B! 🙂

    February 28, 2012
    • I think GiGi was an awesome guest post, too! Thank you! xo

      February 28, 2012
      • Thank you for having me here at your delightful blog, Cara! Hugs.

        March 5, 2012
        • Oh goodness, absolutely! xo

          March 5, 2012
  5. 🙂

    February 27, 2012
  6. Fun! 🙂

    February 26, 2012
  7. You crack me up!! 🙂

    February 26, 2012
    • Is that my word with friends buddy? Thank you!

      February 27, 2012
  8. GiGi, you have come a long way since your movie:

    … and your cupcakes are to die for:

    … and you’ve even added fashion to your skills:

    Cara, it’s so great that you bring in such uber-talented folk to this terrific blog. And even after all GiGi has done – the felonies and such – you’ve still allowed her to post! That’s a true friend.

    Wish Kalie was a friend of mine – alas, I knew her just once, and she told me to “leaf” her alone!

    Always a pleasure to read your blog, Cara. I must cut back on my, and read all my favorites, like yours. (new site)
    @mjmonaghan_ on Twitter now!

    February 26, 2012
    • I was wondering where you went!!! There you are 🙂 Thank god you didn’t abandon us completely! Going to find you now… xo

      February 26, 2012
    • Thanx, I’m actually named after the movie, I make cupcakes for a livelihood when I’m out of the can and I am quite the fashion icon, I just wanted to stay humble for this post . “leaf” her alone bahaha. Nice to meet you mj. Thanx for reading.

      February 27, 2012
  9. I need that nail polish!

    kalie’s day at the spa – pure awesomeness and hilarity. I can only imagine how fun these photos were to take.

    off to look around your blog and add to my reader, thank you Cara for the introduction! XO

    February 25, 2012
    • Anything for you, my sweet 🙂

      February 25, 2012
    • Hi Kristina! Thank you so much, and very nice to meet you. I’m sure the color np will look great on you! Kalie needs more of a pink, or tangerine.

      February 26, 2012
  10. Great post! Clearly your time in the slammer didn’t arrest your sense of humor. *gigglesnort!* Oh how I do loves me some avocado. Never would have thought to make a dessert out of it. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    February 24, 2012
    • I think the Pen made her funnier, wouldn’t you agree? ha

      February 24, 2012
    • Brooke!!! That is a gigglesnort. Good one. “arrest you sense of humor”. Thank you for reading and commenting!

      February 25, 2012
      • The two of you should be blog friends. I swear, the things the both of you could come up with would be worthy of pulling up a chair and listening in on you 🙂

        February 25, 2012
        • I’m only funny on paper where I’ve got time to sit and think and re-write. In person, I’m kind of a dork… That’s why I love blogs (and facebook). I’m much more clever with a delete key… 🙂

          February 25, 2012
          • Aren’t we all? ha. But I highly doubt that you are a complete bore in person, Brooke! Dorks can be funny too 🙂

            February 25, 2012
  11. love the post Gigi.. and the pictures are so fun! Thats quite some mind you got there and a whole lotta effort put in the pictures which each tell the story so easily! That tart sounds yumm! Happy Friday u all!

    February 24, 2012
    • Thank you Richa! Yes, the pics took some effort, Kalie kept wanting to reshoot and get her best side.

      February 25, 2012
      • bahahahaha! Damn kale can be so shallow.

        February 25, 2012
  12. GiGi,
    You’ve outdone even yourself with this post. And how chic that your spa robe matches the pudding!

    February 24, 2012
    • Awww, thank you so much for swinging by. Your comment means a lot to me. I guess, I matchy-matchied the dessert. Always great to see you, Andrea.

      February 24, 2012
      • You are always taking that extra step, GiGi. I am wishing I was there during the photoshoot…

        February 24, 2012
        • Thank you so much, Cara. Backatcha! Thank you for the awesome lead in, as well. Next photo shoot, you are here! Crazy boy did a great shoot 🙂

          February 24, 2012
          • I should be thanking YOU for the super kind words. Your 20 spot is in the mail–thanks 🙂 hehe. I would have paid to have seen Crazy Boy at that photoshoot. haha

            February 24, 2012
  13. Thank you Jessi, I know, I know some “people” just don’t have a clear picture of what they are. that was not the first time I had to remind Kaley.

    February 24, 2012
  14. jessi #

    “no offense Kale, but you are a salad” hahaha love this!

    February 24, 2012
  15. I was definitely giggling while reading this post – nice job Gigi! Those pics are too cute 🙂 and the tarte looks yum!!!!

    February 24, 2012
    • Why, thank you Nora! The key to the lovely green tarte is radium. I think I need to update the recipe. Yes, Kalie is quite photogenic.

      February 24, 2012
    • Who comes up with this stuff, right??? Love this girl.

      February 24, 2012
  16. A hilarious post from Gigi, just as I expected! It sounds like a wonderful spa weekend with Kalie. One thing you can say for sure about that one, she really gives in to a good massage. The pictures are too adorable for this one. Love it! Oh, and the dessert sounds delicious. I look forward to trying it out!

    February 24, 2012
    • Thank you so much, Cadry. (you silent screen star, you!) I wasn’t sure what to expect! I wanted it to be a girl’s weekend but the photographer was a guy.

      February 24, 2012
  17. haha, gigi is hilarious! i love all the pics 😉

    February 24, 2012
    • Awww. Thank you, Caitlin!

      February 24, 2012
    • I heart GiGi–I wish I could have one day in her mind 🙂

      February 24, 2012
      • I don’t mind. Hugs!

        February 24, 2012

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