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Candy Cane Pretzels

Virtual Advent Calendar.

It’s funny to say that this Christmas,

I really don’t want anything.

I typically love this holiday for all of the gifts. Hey, I’m honest.

And I mean it.

The part that I don’t want anything, I mean.

Well, I also mean the part where I usually love the gifts

but the “I mean it” was for the “I really don’t want anything this Christmas.”

I was thinking about it last night how complete I feel at the moment

and no gifts could ever compete.

I have:

Greg back to celebrate the holidays with,

usage of my wrist again,

paint all over me (homemade Christmas gifts)…


non-dairy white chocolate covered pretzels in the shape of candy canes.

I mean, let’s be honest friends,

a happy girl is a girl with chocolate-covered pretzels.

That has always been my motto.

So gather those gluten-free preztels,

(the cirles and sticks)

order your online vegan white chocolate so you can melt it,

andΒ turn those pretzels into candy canes.

Use melted chocolate as the glue and freeze pretzels for 15 minutes to set.

Delicately coat with white chocolate.

It’s okay if the pretzels fall apart, you can always re-set them.

You just need to be patient.

(You can always put that on your Christmas list too).

Color with red food dye and drizzle chocolate onto the pretzels.

Try to use self restraint and not eat the entire batch.

Self restraint.

That, I could use this Christmas.

Now while you drool over the thought of pretzels in the shape of candy canes,

I have paint to remove from my fingernails.

And hands.

And pants.

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  1. Awww! I’m glad you’ve already got everything you want for Christmas!

    (Your countdown is freaking me out… can there really only be 5 days left?!)

    Every now and again I see a new brand of white chocolate chips at the store and my breath catches… are they vegan?! Of course they never are (curse you skim milk powder!) but I still always check.

    December 20, 2011
    • I do the same with the white chocolate too! A girl can dream, right? Sadly, online ordering is the only way for us to go for now.
      The countdown is freaking me out as well. When I put that up there yesterday, I had to recheck to make sure I was correct. FIVE DAYS!!!

      December 20, 2011
  2. super cool! using the pretzels! and the white chocolate… i need to order some.. overnight shipping here I come!
    so glad to hear that your wrist is feeling better.i dont think i want anything either.. just some pretty packing supplies maybe.. πŸ™‚ Have an amazing day, week, month, year, years!

    December 19, 2011
    • Pretty packing supplies and vegan white chocolate, coming up! Wait…reverse. Packing supplies? Where do you think you are going???

      December 20, 2011
  3. What a cute Idea! I love your Christmas countdown- Awesome!


    December 19, 2011
    • Hi Sophia! Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by πŸ™‚

      December 19, 2011
  4. these pretzels are pure happiness!

    It is such a wonderful thing to be happy and content – too many people never truly find that…mmm hmm self restraint (I totally need to pratice this, eating the entire batch of ciabatta bread croutons i made this weekend does not constitute self restraint)

    December 19, 2011
    • Oh Heather, ciabatta bread croutons? Homemade? *shaking my head* YOU are pure happiness…

      December 19, 2011
  5. Brilliant! When I saw the first picture, I thought, “How did she get the curve on top?” The answer is, “She’s a genius, duh!” Love!

    December 19, 2011
    • Can I get that in writing and send it to my father? He will never believe that someone thinks I am a genius πŸ™‚

      December 19, 2011
  6. Maybe Santa will bring you some vegan white chocolate this Christmas πŸ™‚ xoxo

    December 19, 2011
    • hmm..somehow i doubt that.. πŸ˜‰

      December 19, 2011
      • Oh ye of little faith…

        December 19, 2011
  7. oh wow, these look so amazing. i’ve never had vegan white chocolate, though. everytime i try to order it, its out of stock for some reason :/

    i’m so glad you are living in the moment and have everything you want already for christmas! so happy to hear your wrist is working again. hooray!!

    December 19, 2011
  8. SO SO SO happy to hear you are feeling better and that Greg is home and you are in a place of content – YOU DESERVE IT! There’s definitely nothing wrong with enjoying presents and exchanging gifts but the beauty of being truly happy where you are at right now is priceless πŸ™‚
    As for those peppermint candy canes – love them! I adore the sweet & salty combo…I actually made some “sweet n salty stacks” but they aren’t as pretty as yours, they are more like blobs. Tasty but doesn’t have a cute touch!
    Lots of hugs to you!

    December 19, 2011
    • What are sweet and salty stacks and why are they not up on your blog and why don’t I have a recipe for them??? <–uh oh, too much happiness makes me a bit bossy/crazy…

      December 19, 2011
  9. Laurel #

    Pretty clever. Do you think it’s too late to order up GF pretzels and make white chocolate in between brownies, pies, cherry pie, lemon bars, cookies and bread? Maybe I’ll have some for New Year’s Eve. I’m glad you’re in such a good place with Greg back but had it been me with all that melted chocolate? Nails, hands, pants, counters, floor and most importantly? Hair. πŸ™‚

    December 19, 2011
    • Laurel, I know about you. I hear you take baths in melted chocolate πŸ™‚

      December 19, 2011
      • Laurel #

        Who told?

        December 19, 2011
        • The photos leaked out onto the internet…We ALL know πŸ™‚

          December 19, 2011
  10. These looks really pretty! Great idea:)

    December 19, 2011
    • Thanks, Chinmayie! I wish I had more to photograph but I ate them all :/

      December 19, 2011

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