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Brooke’s Russian Tea Cookies

Fork and Beans virtual Advent calendar:

Being injured depresses me.

This wrist issue has really thrown a wrench into my plans.

Being hopped up on pain meds has left me unable to think clearly,

not to mention that my plan to make all of my Christmas gifts

has gone straight down the drain this year.

I hate it when things don’t go as expected!

Maybe if I sing a little bit, it will cheer me up: 


It didn’t work as I had expected.

Today I am feeling more quiet than usual.

I have been sitting here at the computer for what seems like hours,

trying to figure out what to say only to find that my mind is blank.


How do I have nothing to write about?

I even fell back asleep while trying to draw something out of me.


Apparently, I bored myself. 

So I’m not even going to fight it today

and just go straight to the recipe.

And since I know that all of you are just the greatest,

you will understand and let it slide just for today…

Make sure to check out Brooke’s original and gluten-filled version!

These cookies are a delight.

I love the process of making the tea-infused butter

and the way that it slightly flavors the overall taste.

I topped mine with a bit of powdered sugar

just because I am fancy like that.

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  1. Nina #

    Lovely. I’m thinking about making them with loose leaf Chai. Mmmmm.
    Thanks Cara! 🙂

    December 15, 2011
    • Oh good grief, this is an excellent idea, Nina!! Tell me how those go…

      December 15, 2011
  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Cara, did you write something. Injuries and all, this is still a very pretty post. I am saying affirmations for you….and as always sending you healing vibes. xo Injuries suck.

    December 10, 2011
  3. hang in there.. cant imagine how it must be with the pain..
    Take good care of your wrist. and yeah chick flicks or cuddly puppy movies.
    i like the idea of tea infused cookies… yumm!

    December 9, 2011
    • How about chick flicks and cuddling *with* a puppy? I have been doing that all day 🙂 xo

      December 9, 2011
  4. Hang in there Cara! No need to apologize love, you don’t have to be chatty today if you don’t feel like it. Sounds like you need a big (gentle) hug and some time just to be, or maybe a chick-flik, biscotti and some good coffee? 🙂 how sweet are you to post a recipe even when you don’t feel like it?!? I know the feeling but you are fabulous my dear, don’t let it get to you – I hope your wrist heals soon and that you feel much better asap!!!!

    December 9, 2011
    • I think I accomplished all 3 on your list today…and wouldn’t you know it, it really DID work 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement, my favorite Nora.

      December 9, 2011
  5. Sorry to hear about your wrist, I hope you’ll feel better soon! Gosh, I just love simple, delicious cookies like these. I also like how the butter is infused with the tea; very cool!

    December 9, 2011
    • I thought the butter/tea infusion was a fantastic idea, as well. Brooke knows what she is doing 🙂 Thank you so much for the well wishes, Alicia–I really appreciate it.

      December 9, 2011
  6. I love Russia ! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe 🙂

    December 9, 2011
    • I do too! But I have never been… Can you love something you have never experienced??? 🙂

      December 9, 2011
      • Who said that ! I´m actually attending Russian lessons and bought a book about Moscow – that will do 😀

        December 9, 2011
        • Why the interest in Russia, may I ask? (I always love hearing about people who find this affinity towards places)…

          December 9, 2011
          • That´s cute :3 I can list some things, that “influenced” me : the song “Moskau” by “Rammstein” (for further information just type it in Youtube ^^), a presentation about Russian movie-history I had to elaborate and give at school, the book I found someday and already told you about, … Russia just fascinates me 🙂 Are there some locations you’re really into ? (if that is a correct english sentence ^^)

            December 11, 2011
            • Eek! I forgot to respond to this–I’m so sorry! England was the country that I had an affinity towards and so when I visited about 8 years ago, it only solidified why I dreamt of the place prior to visiting. That’s about it. Now I just daydream about a city in California that I one day wanna live 🙂 I get it though–there are just some things that you cannot explain. They just call to you in your sleep 🙂

              December 15, 2011
  7. I’m sorry you wounded your hand and broke your mind… =( Pain meds make me pretty spacy, too. I hope you are feeling more yourself very, very soon!

    December 9, 2011
    • Meh. Thank you. Today I am going to officially stop feeling sorry for myself. No more of this, “Why am I always getting hurt?/Why me?” b.s. Time for shopping! That will cheer anyone right up 🙂

      December 9, 2011
      • Depends on what you’re shopping for. Bathing suits never make anyone happy…

        December 9, 2011
        • Ugh-uh! No bathing suits. haha. Anything deemed by myself as “cute” that keeps my body fully clothed is what I am looking for… *scoffing* Bathing suits…

          December 9, 2011
  8. Kelly C #

    Hi Cara! Sorry to hear about your wrist! When I was young I sprained my ankles all the time and had crutches alot so I feel for you. It definitely slows you down! I’m impressed you even made the cookies, that’s dedication to your blog! I don’t know if you read Ricki Heller’s blog but she just posted the other day about her bone density scan and improving her numbers, thought it might interest you since you were saying you we’re told you were pre-osteoporosis. hopefully it can hlp and get you out of the bubble wrap! Dont be afraid to take a break! I swear we will all be fine and love you even more when you come back!

    December 9, 2011
    • Thank you for linking up the post here! Someone was just telling me about that yesterday too but I totally forgot to check. You are wonderful! Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful words. xo.
      P.S. Why were getting sprained ankles all of the time as a kid, if you don’t mind me asking?

      December 9, 2011
      • Because I’m a total clutz! Haha! I fell when I was young, they said it was just a sprain and didn’t cast it. Turns out I really did break it, it’s really hard to tell on kid xrays apparently. So because it never set right there is a little fragment of bone floating in there and it’s also more susceptible to breaking. One time, no joke, I fell up a flight of stairs. Next one I got fell on in gym class and the last time I slipped on some ice. I’m probably just asking for it now but it hasn’t happened in a while. I do have my own removable boot cast downstairs and had crutches too since it kept happening.

        December 9, 2011
        • Oh Kelly, you and I sound like we were made for each other! I have a boot cast and crutches in storage as well…just in case 🙂 I am a total clutz too and the fact that there is another person just like me makes me so happy! TWINS.

          December 9, 2011
  9. Jan #

    (((Cara))) did you ever know that you’re my hero…

    December 9, 2011
    • Am I everything you wished you could be?
      I heart you. I wanna come back to CO…

      December 9, 2011
  10. Laurel #

    Tea infused Russian Tea cookies – really interesting. And you missy don’t need to be chatty when you’re in pain. As much as we’d miss you, you could even take a day or two off. We just want you to feel better. Paraphrasing from the Alchemist “Don’t explain. Your friends will understand and no one else will believe you anyway.” xoxo

    December 9, 2011
    • A day off? NEVER! haha. Okay, that is a bit absurd. Believe it or not, this is what keeps me going some days. It keeps me pre-occupied and takes my mind off of things. I love it too much to take a break…yet. Come next week, well, I am sure that will be a different story 🙂 Love the quote, by the way.

      December 9, 2011
  11. the cookies look great. and i think you’re great, too<3 xo.

    December 9, 2011
    • Man, this is the great part about having a blog. On “off” days, all these great people like yourself have such the kindest words towards me. Thank you, Caitlin.

      December 9, 2011
      • you are such a sweetheart, cara. and we all care about you 😉 you’re so welcome and your blog is such a positive place to visit 😉

        December 9, 2011
        • Man, I don’t even know what to say to that other than THANK YOU. You have no idea how your words just brightened my day 🙂

          December 9, 2011
  12. Mmmm… tea-infused cookies. Those sound so good.

    And I hear you about the brain blanking. It happens sometimes. It’s hard to blog when you’re not feeling it but know that you’ve brightened up at least one day (mine!) by posting anyway. 😀

    December 9, 2011
    • *sigh* You always say the nicest things to me. Thank you.

      December 9, 2011
  13. Hi Cara… i really wanted to e-mail you, but couldn’t find an e-mail address on your page. i’m also subscribed to a blog called Crackers on the Couch…. what’s the deal between you and her? i’m just curious, because you two always post the same recipe- just one vegan, and one not. forgive me if i’m making some sort of bloggy faux-pas, and feel free to delete this comment, i was just curious.

    December 9, 2011
    • Hi nobody! Ah yes, I have been a bit lazy about explaining this in every post so I can totally see how this might be confusing. Brooke (Crackers on the Couch) had this fabulous idea to do “The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies” where she is showcasing 12 of her top cookie recipes. She knew that she has a lot of gluten free readers (and some vegetarian) and so she wanted me to post alongside with her with my converted versions. I loved the idea so much because who doesn’t want more cookies in their life?? ha. Definitely not a faux pas by any means–a totally logical question!
      P.S. If you ever want to email me, you can do so at I would love to hear from you at any point!

      December 9, 2011
      • OH! sorry. 🙂 i’m very absent minded and tend to forget things, so when you mentioned it earlier, it completely slipped my mind. (as a matter of fact, i’m probably following her blog because you posted a link to it!) *headdesk* thanks for the explanation. of course, i WAS hoping for something more dramatic, like a split personality or something…

        December 9, 2011
        • Okay, now that I have gained your trust, the real truth is that I am Brooke and Brooke is me; we are the same person. I suffer from Dr Jeykl/Mr Hyde syndrome and you are the first to catch onto me.
          How is that for excitement??? 🙂 hehe

          December 9, 2011
          • We are one in the same… I’m Hyde… Mwahahahahahaaaaa!!!

            December 9, 2011
            • HAHAHA!! I love having conversations with myself 🙂

              December 9, 2011
  14. I am so sorry about your wrist, Cara. Please take care of yourself.. and don’t worry about being “chatty”. ((HUGS)) BTW.. the cookies look yummy!

    December 9, 2011
    • Thank you Jacqui! I really appreciate that–hugs right back to you. Besides, the cookies speak for themselves don’t they? 🙂

      December 9, 2011
  15. I have no words to say how sorry I feel for you.
    You are such a beautiful and strong woman, don’t let your head hang low!


    December 9, 2011
    • Thank you, Cara! Don’t you just hate when you feel restricted by an injury? I at least have good access to the majority of my hand, however it just bothers me when I am slowed down, however. Thank you so much for your encouragement. You have no idea how much it means to me! xo

      December 9, 2011
      • I know. I had a similar experience right before my final exams. But sometimes this might also be a chance to allow oneself to rest a little, especially before Christmas when everyone seems to freak out!

        December 9, 2011
        • You know, that’s funny you say that because when it happens (which as I have said it happens often), I always think how this is a good excuse to slow down and take it easy.
          I like you, Cara–so glad that we found each other through VeganMoFo!

          December 9, 2011
          • And I am happy we found each other!
            You are such a kind inspiring person 🙂

            December 10, 2011

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