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Tears in my pocket.

Saying good-bye to your favorite seasonal vegetable is like saying good-bye to a good friend.

No? Too dramatic?

Well, at least for me, it feels like it.

I’m sad.

I am well-aware that I will not be seeing okra at the farmers market anytime now…

I’m going to miss my slimy friends.

So because I am never sure whether or not this will be my last week seeing them until next season, I am stocking up and cooking their guts out.

Last night I decided to create a Frankenstein-hybrid of:

Indian Lentils and Bhindi do Piazza.

I shall call it… Lentazza!

kinda catchy, really.

Just follow this recipe

Cook 1 1/2 cup red lentils separately and add at the end.

Top with cilantro and lemon juice (a must!)

*perking up*

Hey, did someone mention Halloween?

Just so you know and can prepare, this young lady is gearing up for October. You best be ready for what is coming to you.

Not only is October the month of all-things Halloween, it is also the home of a world-wide event called:

A month-long event where bloggers from across the globe live, eat, breathe, toot and blog about all-things vegan!

How tasty is that?

If you are interested in learning more (hey, you might even want to join in on the fun!), you can read more about it here.

Fork and Beans will be there with bells and whistles on, blogging about:

“How to host the Tastiest and most Extraordinary Vegan & Gluten-Free Halloween Party” 

All. Month. Long.

*cueing the applause machine*

Don’t worry. All posts will be here as normal.

Just be prepared for it. That’s all I’m saying.


Happy Tuesday and get cooking!

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