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friday: indian red lentils

i am a big fan of aarti sequeria, last season’s winner of “next food network star”?

how could she have not won? not only is aarti so lovable, sure of herself and her cooking, but she is absolutely adorable. did i already say that she is adorable? well, she IS adorable! plus i heard through the grapevine that she is a diagnosed gluten-intolerant also (raise the roof for anti-gluten!)  i am not sure if she posts 100% GF recipes on aarti party but i do know she has some really great free-of-gluten recipes out there, not to mention they are so yummy!

tonight i attempted (rather triumphantly i might add) at “mum’s everyday red lentils

p.s. don’t be scared away by the prep and cooking time that is displayed. it takes 30 minutes to soak the lentils and while they are in the water spa, you can prep the ingredients (which only take 20 minutes tops). so all in all, it’s less than an hour really.

substitutions that i ended up using:

i didn’t want to make an extra trek to the store so i used what i had on hand:

  • instead of red lentils, i used yellow split peas (is this where i actually confess that i thought the yellow peas were red lentils??? haha!! it still tasted great!)
  • instead of the cumin seeds, i just used cumin powder.
  • instead of the black mustard seeds, i used yellow mustard seeds.
  • i also added the juice of a lemon at the end to give it that zing.

the meal still turned out super yummy but definitely needed salt at the end.

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